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September-October 2009

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The Art of Arthur Lakes (1844–1917)

"We have heard it argued that once photography in colors is discovered and in general use, the artist’s occupation will be gone. No fear of that, the photographic machine has no heart, no soul, no poetry, no feeling, no love, and will never supplant the art of the human artist whose work of ‘art’ must be a work of ‘heart,’ be it in landscape, portraiture, or historical painting, for human nature to love or care for it” (Lakes 1902a).

Geologist, fossil collector, educator, editor, and artist: Arthur Lakes was all of these and more. A biography of Lakes by Beth Simmons and Katherine Honda is also in this issue; this article focuses on his art and the art education articles that he wrote for the journals Mines and Minerals (Lakes 1902b), Mining Science (Lakes 1913), The Mining World (Lakes 1909), The Bulletin (Lakes 1904c), and Mining Reporter (Lakes 1904a).

Susan Robinson is a freelance artist specializing in painting mineral and gem specimens as well as birds and wildlife.

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