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November-December 2009

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Arkansas Mineral Artist

Chris Hughes (b. 1972)

Although art created in only black and white lacks more vivid colors, it can be just as striking to the viewer. For example, look at the power of a few lines on paper in sketches by Da Vinci, Rembrandt, and other masters of the past. Chris Hughes’ mineral art, rendered in graphite and charcoal, shows great detail and realism, both difficult qualities to create, even using a full range of colors.

A graduate of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (1997), Hughes concentrated his studies in drawing and minored in art history. He also collects and archives contemporary and classic video and film art. He has spent the past ten years providing assistance to artists, curators, universities, and art institutions worldwide regarding moving image art. On that subject, Hughes has given interviews to the New York Times, media outlets such as the Museum of Modern Art’s (New York City) former radio station WPSI, and He states, “I am also an avid collector of the works of contemporary photographers Cindy Sherman, Thomas Ruff, and Nan Goldin, among others.”


Susan Robinson is a freelance artist specializing in painting mineral and gem specimens as well as birds and wildlife.
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