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July-August 2009

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I read with great interest Robert Cook’s article titled “Mineral Oddities” in the January/February 2009 issue, pages 116–25. It was absolutely fantastic! I have had the good fortune to collect some mineral oddities myself. Please see the enclosed photos.

—Richard Tripp
Lakewood, Colorado

Editor’s note: Of the many “odd” photos sent, I chose the two shown here.

Figure 1.

A Brazilian agate with a "moo" on it; thus a "moogate."
Figure 2.
A double quartz geode within a third geode from Utah. The specimen is 4.75 x 4 inches.


I have one small bone to pick with John White regarding his otherwise fine article titled “Spessartine from the Navegadora Mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil” in the January/February 2009 issue, pages 42–45. (There is extra satisfaction in picking a bone with the one who usually does the picking in his Let’s Get It Right column.)

In line two in the first paragraph on page 45, the term rehealed appears. This is one of the most misused words in the mineral collecting community. If something is “rehealed,” it must have been healed before and is now healed a second time. Just plain old healed would have been more accurate.

Jeff Scovil
Phoenix, Arizona

The thirty-first mineralogical symposium held in conjunction with the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show will take place on 13 February 2010. It is sponsored by the Friends of Mineralogy, the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society, and the Mineralogical Society of America. The symposium topic is the same as the 2010 show theme: Gems and Gem Minerals. Papers on descriptive mineralogy, paragenesis, and related aspects of this subject are welcome. An audience of amateur and professional mineralogists is expected.

Anyone wanting to present a paper should submit a 200–300-word abstract to Julian C. Gray, Tellus Northwest Georgia Science Museum, PO Box 3663, Cartersville, GA 30120; e-mail,; phone, 770/386-0576, ext. 415. Presentations will be twenty minutes in length, followed by a period for questions. Abstracts must be submitted by 1 August 2009.

—Julian C. Gray
Tellus Northwest Georgia

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