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January-February 2009

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A 2008 Lake Superior Bonanza of Copper Crystals

Keweenaw Co., MI

On 11 August 2008 a fabulous find of crystallized copper was made in shallow water on the bottom of Lake Superior near Eagle Harbor, Keweenaw County, Michigan. The near-shore find, now called the Laker Pocket, was located in a fissure vein cutting the Lake Shore Traps; it was discovered by Bob Barron and Karl Peterson, both seasoned scuba divers with twenty years’ experience in exploring the depths of Lake Superior. The two-day recovery of the contents of the pocket netted more than three hundred groups of copper crystals ranging in size from large-cabinet specimens to microcrystal groups.
Tom Rosemeyer, a native of Upper Michigan, is a graduate of Michigan Technological University. He now spends summers in the Copper Country researching and writing articles on the mineralogy of the district.

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