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Back Issues: September/October 2006

Montana wulfeniteColorado descloiziteColorado micromineralsDesert varnish

Montana wulfenite,
p. 340

Colorado descloizite,
p. 356

Colorado microminerals,
p. 383

Desert varnish,
p. 393

ABOUT THE COVER: Encrusted milky quartz crystals, Cliff-Hanger pocket, the Amphitheater, Ouray County, Colorado; the specimen is 18 cm high. Benjy Kuehling specimen, Mark Vendl photo. See related article on this 2004 find beginning on page 379.
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Rocks & Minerals (81:05)
September/October 2006


340 Wulfenite in Montana

356 Descloizite Localities in the Central Portion of the Colorado Mineral Belt

362 Trace Fossil Preservation by Native Copper, Corocoro, Bolivia

364 Helga Schreeb (b. 1960), German Mineral Artist

366 Road-Cut Mineral Occurrences of St. Lawrence County, New York—Part 2: Yellow Lake Road Cut


333 Chips from the Quarry

337 Letters to the Editor
Connoisseur’s Choice: Atacamite, Moonta Mine, South Australia, Australia

379 Collector’s Note: The Cliff-Hanger Pocket, the Amphitheater, Ouray County, Colorado

383 Through the ’Scope: Collecting Microminerals in Leadville, Lake County, Colorado

389 Let’s Get It Right: Cleavage in Quartz

393 Word to the Wise: Desert Varnish

395 Media Reviews

In Memoriam: Stephen Whitney Cares (1909–2006)

400 Internet Directory for the Earth Sciences

404 Museum Notes

406 Coming Events





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