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Back Issues: May/June 2006

Hogg mineMica groupLinariteWeardale fluorite

Hogg mine,
p. 180

Mica group,
p. 214

p. 208

Weardale fluorite,
p. 225

ABOUT THE COVER: Rainbow” garnet (andradite), with one polished face, Kouse mine, Tenkawa, Nara Prefecture, Japan. Specimen is 1.5 cm across and is in the collection of Dr. Hidemichi Hori, who took the photo. For additional information on Japanese mines, collections, and museums, see “News from Japan,” beginning on page 188.
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Rocks & Minerals (81:03)
May/June 2008


180 The Hogg Estate or Mineral Processing Mine, LaGrange, Troup County, Georgia

188 News from Japan: Part 4—The University of Tokyo (Wakabayashi) and National Science Museum (Sakurai) Collections and a Plethora of Local Monuments and Mineral and Mining Museums

200 Allanite-(Ce) and Its Type Locality

206 Garry H. Glenn (1942–2005), Canadian Mineral Artist

214 Collector’s Guide to the Mica Group


173 Chips from the Quarry

177 Letters to the Editor

Connoisseur’s Choice: Linarite, Mammoth–St. Anthony Mine, Tiger, Pinal County, Arizona

225 Collector’s Note: A Weardale Mineralogical Mystery

229 Through the ’Scope: The Microminerals of Valley Quarry, Gettysburg, Adams County, Pennsylvania

235 Word to the Wise: “A” Mica

237 In Memoriam:
Maximilian “Max” Glas (1948–2005)
Paul Ernest Smith (1922–2005)

239 Media Reviews

241 Museum Notes

242 Internet Directory for the Earth Sciences

246 Coming Events





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