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Back Issues: September/October 2003

Gilman district, ColoradoCavity reconstructionSid PietersMuseum Notes

Gilman district, Colorado,
p. 298

Cavity reconstruction,
p. 324

Sid Pieters,
p. 360

Museum Notes,
p. 362

ABOUT THE COVER: "Ram’s horn" gold, Ground Hog mine, Gilman, Eagle County, Colorado. The specimen is 5.1 cm high and weighs 1.76 troy ounces. It was found about 1878 and at one time belonged to Dr. David H. Dougan, the first mayor of Leadville, Colorado. The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County acquired it in 1974, and it is on display in the museum’s Hall of Gems and Minerals (catalog No. 14600). Harold and Erica Van Pelt photo. See related article on the Gilman district beginning on page 208.
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Rocks & Minerals (83:05)
September/October 2003


298 Minerals of the Gilman District and Eagle Mine, Eagle County, Colorado

324 Preserving Minerals and Mining History at the Eagle Mine, Gilman District, Colorado

330 Connoisseur’s Choice: Sphalerite, Eagle Mine, Gilman, Eagle County, Colorado

336 History and Mineralogy of the Indiana Mine, Ontonagon County, Michigan

341 Thirtieth Rochester Mineralogical Symposium: Contributed Papers in Specimen Mineralogy—Part 3
348 Let’s Get It Right: Using the Proper "-morph"

351 A Word to the Wise: Manto
353 Media Reviews

359 In Memoriam: Carlos do Prado Barbosa (1917–2003)
Sidney Pieters (1920–2003)


293 Chips from the Quarry

297 Letters to the Editor

328 Connoisseur’s Choice: Uraninite, Strickland Quarry, Portland, Connecticut; Topsham, Maine

356 Internet Directory of the Earth Sciences

362 Museum Notes
& Announcements

365 Coming Events





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