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Back Issues: September/October 2002

Granite Gap, NMPaganos/paganoiteEpidoteJohn Sinkakas

Granite Gap, NM,
p. 298

p. 326 

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John Sinkakas,
p. 352

ABOUT THE COVER: Rhodochrosite, Colorado's newly named state mineral, on sulfides, Gerhart's Pocket, Mini King Raise, Sweet Home Mine, Alma, Park County, Colorado. The specimen, which was collected in September 1997, is 9.5 cm high and is in the Martin Zinn collection; Jeff Scovil photo.
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Rocks & Minerals (77:05)
September/October 2002


298 Minerals of the Granite Gap Mines, Hidalgo County, New Mexico

306 Ohio Mineral Locality Index—Part 2: Concretions and Miscellaneous Occurrences

320 Minerals of the Hutter Mine, A New Manganese-Barium Mineral Locality in Northern Pittsylvania County, Virginia

326 Who's Who in Mineral Names: Renato Pagano (b. 1938), Adriana (nee Paccagnella) Pagano (b. 1939)

328 Connoisseur's Choice: Epidote, Knappenwald, Untersulzbachtal, Salzburg, Austria

333 Cincinnati Elects Official Fossil

334 A New Source of Gem—Quality Cordierite and Corundum in the Laramie Range of Southeastern Wyoming
340 Mines and Geology on Advertising Cards

Seattle Mineral Artist Saul Krotki (b. 1942)
346 An Examination of Crystallized Turquoise from Lynch Station, Virginia
348 Collector's Note: A Remarkable Calcite Pocket at the York Building Supply Company Quarry, York, York County, Pennsylvania
350 Let's Get It Right: The -hedrals: Euhedral, Subhedral, and Anhedral

352 In Memoriam: John Sinkakas (1915–2002)
Joe Jochen Nagel (1949–2001)
356 Media Reviews


293 Chips from the Quarry

297 Letters to the Editor

360 Museum Notes
& Announcements

362 Internet Directory for the Earth Sciences

365 Coming Events





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