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Back Issues: July/August 2002

Colorado gem localitiesColorado thunder eggsJames W. MinetteMuseum Notes

Colorado gem localities,
p. 218 

Colorado thunder eggs,
p. 252

James W. Minette,
p. 273

Museum Notes,
p. 280

ABOUT THE COVER: Mount Antero, Colorado, aquamarine crystal intergrown with albite and orthoclase, 5.8 x 9.6 x 4.3 cm, Denver Museum of Natural History (DMNH, now Denver Museum of Nature and Science) specimen (DMNH 15983)and three faceted gems, from left to right, an 18.95-carat rectangle (DMNH 15979), a 6.65 carat rectangle (DMNH 15980) and a 3.5-carat oval (DMNH 15990). See related article on Colorado gemstone localities beginning on page 218.
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Rocks & Minerals (77:04)
July/August 2002


218 A Tour of Colorado Gemstone Localities

239 Twenty-Eighth Rochester Mineral Symposium: Contributed Papers in Specimen Mineralogy, Part 2

246 Micromineral Artist David Babulski (b. 1944)

248 Connoisseur's Choice: Pyrargyrite, Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico

252 Occurrence and Genesis of Thunder Eggs Containing Plume and Moss Agate from the Del Norte Area, Saguache County, Colorado

270 Through the 'Scope: Making your Own Photomicrography Light

273 In Memoriam: James Wellman Minette (1936 - 2002)

Let's Get It Right: Cavansite or Pentagonite?

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213 Chips from the Quarry

217 Letters to the Editor

280 Museum Notes
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283 Coming Events

284 Internet Directory for the Earth Sciences





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