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Back Issues: January/February 2002

Malawi mineralsAfrican Artist R. JäckleTsumeb azuriteAfrican fossils

Malawi minerals,
p. 31

African Artist R. Jäckle,
p. 38

Tsumeb azurite,
p. 40

African fossils,
p. 54

ABOUT THE COVER: Rhodochrosite, N'Chwaning mine, Hotazel, South Africa. The specimen is 2 inches across; the oval cut stone is 7.47 carats and the rectangular stone is 6.66 carats. Martin Zinn specimens, Erica and harold Van Pelt photo. The mineral specimen will be on display at the 2002 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.
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Rocks & Minerals (77:01)
January/February 2002


10 Welcome to the Minerals of Africa

12 Geo-Currents: Africa—Earth Science Paradise

18 Tsumeb—2001

25 African Type-Minerals: Minerals First Described from African Localities

31 Aegerine and Assocaited Minerals from Mount Malosa, Malawi

38 South African Mineral Artist Rainer Jäckle (b. 1971)

40 Connoisseur’s Choice: Azurite, Tsumeb, Namibia, and Touissit, Oujda, Morrocco

44 What's New in African Minerals: A Pictorial of Classic and Recent Specimens

46 Who's Who In Mineral Names: Two South Africans—Hans Merensky (1871-1952); Cecil John Rhodes (1853-1902)

54 The Karoo Supergroup: A Geological and Palaeontological Perspective

60 Africa Comes to Arizona: A Tucson Gem & Mineral Show Preview

66 Index to Volume 76 (2001)


5 Chips from the Quarry

9 Letters to the Editor

64 Internet Directory for the Earth Sciences

77 Coming Events





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