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Back Issues: November/December 2001

Wyoming mineralsBolivian sulfur crystalsCopper-included agatesColorado School of Mines

Wyoming minerals,
p. 380

Bolivian sulfur crystals,
p. 394

Copper-included agates,
p. 403

Colorado School of Mines,
p. 406

ABOUT THE COVER: Rhodochrosite specimen, 5.7 cm high, area 28, level 20, Eagle mine, Gilman, Eagle County, Colorado. Dave Bunk specimen on display at the Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado; Jeff Scovil photo. See article on the Colorado School of Mines, beginning on page 406.
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Rocks & Minerals (76:06)
November/December 2001


380 Wyoming Mineral Locality Index

394 The El Desierto Sulfur Mine, Bolivia

403 Collector's Note: A Spectacular Find of Amygdaloidal Agates with Native Copper Inclusions from Michigan's Copper Country

404 Connoisseur's Choice: Liroconite, Gwennap, Cornwall, England

406 Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum: On the Move

419 Let's Get It Right: Quartz (Not Chalcedony) "Fingers" from Jalgaon, India

421 In Memoriam: Marion Butler Stuart (1921-2000)
422 Media Reviews


373 Chips from the Quarry

377 Letters to the Editor

378 Geo-Currents: Flirting with Disaster

426 Museum Notes & Announcements

428 Internet Directory for the Earth Sciences

431 Coming Events





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