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Back Issues: March/April 2001

Loudville pyromorphiteDigital photographyArtist Darryl PowellMuseuMAfricA

Loudville pyromorphite,
p. 92

Digital photography,
p. 102

Artist Darryl Powell,
p. 118

p. 120

ABOUT THE COVER: Beryl (aquamarine), 7 cm across, with schorl and albite (cleavelandite), the 49er Pocket, Oceanview mine, Pala district, San Diego County, California. The specimen, dubbed the “Prince,” was recovered in November 2007. Bill Larson specimen, Jeff Scovil photo. See related article on this mine beginning on page 292.
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Rocks & Minerals (76:02)
March/April 2001


89 2000 Thank-Yous

92 Loudville Pyromorphite: The Story of an Extraordinary Boulder Unearthed at Manhan River Mine, Easthampton, Massachusetts

102 Digital Mineral Photography

113 Collector's Note: A New Heulandite Find near Challis, Custer County, Idaho

114 Connoisseur's Choice: Mimetite,Tsumeb, Namibia

118 New York Artist Darryl Powell (b. 1962)

120 The Geological Museum, Johannesburg, South Africa
128 Through the 'Scope: Austinite and Other Microminerals from the Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico
130 A Closer Look at S260 Geology (Discovering Geology)
133 Media Reviews


85 Chips from the Quarry

87 Letters to the Editor

135 Museum Notes
& Announcements

138 Internet Directory for the Earth Sciences

141 Coming Events





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