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Back Issues: November/December 1998

Wisconsin mineralsNew York sphaleriteBolivian pseudomorphsCleaning fossils

Wisconsin minerals,
p. 378

New York sphalerite.
p. 404

Bolivian pseudomorphs,
p. 410

Cleaning fossils,
p. 418

ABOUT THE COVER: Botryoidal hematite, "grape ore" on top of "kidney ore, no. 5 shaft, 12th level, Montreal mine, Iron County, Wisconsin. The specimen is 9 x 7 x 6 cm and is in the collection of F. John Barlow; photo by Malcolm Hjerstedt. See related article on Wisconsin minerals beginning on page 378.
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Rocks & Minerals (73:06)
November/December 1998


378 Wisconsin Mineral Locality Index

400 Connoisseur's Choice: Ludlamite, Blackbird Mine, Cobalt, Lemhi County, Idaho

404 A 1946 Find of Gem Sphalerite Crystals at the Balmat Zinc Mine, St. Lawrence County, New York

410 Pseudomorphs from Bolivia: A Review

416 Carolyn Graczyk, New York Artist

418 Air Tool Preparation of Fossils

424 Through the 'Scope: An Open-Frame Gimbal Mechanical Stage for Use with Micromounts

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371 Chips from the Quarry

375 Letters to the Editor

376 Geo-Currents: Dinosaur Debates

429 Museum Notes
& Announcements

430 Coming Events

431 Classifieds





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