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Back Issues: September/October 1998

Millington QuarryScandinavian museumsPrehistoric journeyNew twin law?

Millington Quarry,
p. 320

Scandinavian museums,
p. 325

Prehistoric journey,
p. 338

New twin law?
p. 344

ABOUT THE COVER: Malachite with azurite, 3 mm across, Schwaz-Brixlegg, Tyrol, Austria. Dieter Muller specimen, Rainer Bode photo. See related article on curly malachite beginning on page 314.
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Rocks & Minerals (73:05)
September/October 1998


314 The Curly Malachite of Schwaz-Brixlegg, Tyrol, Austria: New Find from 5,000-Year-Old Locality

320 Recent Mineral Finds at the Millington Quarry, Somerset County, New Jersey

325 A Visit to Three Scandinavian Museums

330 A Window of the Mesozoic Era: Dinosaur Ridge, Morrison, Colorado

338 Take a Prehistoric Journey at the Denver Museum of Natural History

344 A New Twin Law, or What?

348 Stereophotographs: The 3-D View of Geology and Mining History

Connoisseur's Choice: Metatorbernite, Shaba District, Zaire

Through the 'Scope: Mineralogy of Tuckers Tunnel, Tuckerville, Hinsdale County, Colorado
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309 Chips from the Quarry

311 Letters to the Editor

363 Museum Notes
& Announcements

365 Coming Events

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