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About Rocks & Minerals

Amateurs as well as professional scientists delight in and pore over Rocks & Minerals, which has published feature articles on mineralogy, geology, and paleontology since 1926. Regular departments explore such topics as minerals for the collector; microminerals; recent books, videos, and DVDs;  coming events;  museum news;  and personalities in the field. Detailed lists of collecting opportunities in specific localities are published periodically, as are special theme issues. Spectacular color photographs appear throughout each issue.

Rocks & Minerals works with the Mineralogical Society of America to promote cooperation between collectors and professional mineralogists. The magazine is affiliated with the Friends of Mineralogy as well as the Midwest Federation of Mineralogical and Geological Societies and the Eastern Federation of  Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies.

Marie E. Huizing

Executive Editors
Robert B. Cook
    Auburn University, AL
Carl A. Francis
    Bethel, ME
John Rakovan
    Miami University, Oxford, OH

Petrology Editor
R. V. Dietrich
    St. Ignace, MI

Consulting Editors
Joel A. Bartsch
    Houston Museum of Natural Science
Bruce Cairncross
    University of Johannesburg, South Africa
Steven C. Chamberlain
    Syracuse, NY
Merrill W. Foster
    Bradley University, IL
Terry E. Huizing
    Cincinnati Museum Center, OH
Mark I. Jacobson
   Denver, CO
Anthony R. Kampf
    L. A. County Museum of Natural History
Peter L. Larson
    Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, SD
Virgil W. Lueth
    New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
Michael Leybov
    Moscow State University, Russia
Mark Mauthner
    San Marcos, CA
Peter Megaw
    Tucson, AZ
Stuart Mills
    Museum Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
Peter Modreski
    U.S. Geological Survey, Denver, CO
Alfredo Petrov
    Peekskill, New York
Paul Pohwat
    Smithsonian Institution
R. Peter Richards
    Heidelberg University, OH
George W. Robinson
    Ogdensburg, NY
Woodrow B. Thompson
    Wayne, ME
John S. White
    Stewartstown, PA
Marc Wilson
    Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh

Associate Photographers
Dan Behnke
    Northbrook, IL
Jeffrey Scovil
    Phoenix, AZ

Associate Cartographer
William W. Besse
    Green Valley, AZ


Dr. John RakovanDr. John Rakovan is a professor of mineralogy and geochemistry at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He has broad research interests including crystal growth, structural and morphologic crystallography, mineral-water interface geochemistry, and mineral deposit formation. Much of his work falls into the broad area of environmental mineralogy. For example, he has recently been investigating the use of apatite, a calcium phosphate mineral, for remediation of sediments and soils that are contaminated by heavy metals and radioactive elements such as lead, arsenic, uranium, and thorium.  He is also studying the potential use of apatite as a solid nuclear waste form. He is a fellow of the Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) and has served the MSA and other mineralogical societies (e.g., the International Mineralogical Association) in many capacities including the recently formed subcommittee on apatite-group nomenclature.

Dr. Rakovan, an executive editor of Rocks & Minerals since 2001, writes a regular column titled Word to the Wise for the magazine. The mineral rakovanite was named for him.

Dr. Carl A. FrancisDr. Carl A. Francis retired in 2011 after thirty-four years as curator of the Harvard University Mineralogical Museum. He received his AB (geology) from Amherst College and his MS and PhD from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. His professional interests include systematic mineralogy and the geology of pegmatites. He also taught museum studies in the Harvard Extension School for twenty years. He received the Carnegie Mineralogical Award for 1992 from the Hillman Foundation of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. He is a Fellow of the Mineralogical Society of America and served as chairman of the International Mineralogical Association Commission on Museums.
Dr. Francis, a consulting editor of Rocks & Minerals since 1980, has written numerous articles for the magazine. The mineral carlfrancisite was named for him.

Dr. Robert B. CookDr. Robert B. Cook is a professor emeritus in the Department of Geology and Geography at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, where he served for thirty-five years, twenty-two as department head, before retiring in 2007. He received his EM from Colorado School of mines and his MS and PhD from the University of Georgia. His professional specialties are exploration and environmental geology, and ore mineralogy and geochemisty. His work has included projects in Bolivia, Chile, Namibia, Australia, and China. He has authored more than one hundred technical publications related to regional geology, mineral exploration, and mineralogy and is the author of  both the Alabama and Georgia state mineralogies. He is a fellow in the Society of Economic Geology and is a registered professional geologist in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.

Dr. Cook has been an executive editor of Rocks & Minerals from 1979 to 1982 and from 1989 to the present. The mineral bobcookite was named for him.


Marie Huizing. Namibian Mineral Safari: Spitzkoppie. Photo by Tony Kampf.Marie E. Huizing is editor-in-chief of Rocks & Minerals, a position she has held since 1978. Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, she received her bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University in 1961, with a major in English and a minor in biology. She has lived in Cincinnati, Ohio since 1961.

In 1979, she received the Educational Foundation Award from the Cincinnati Mineral Society; in 1995, the Carnegie Mineralogical Award from the Hillman Foundation of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History; and in 2007, the Distinguished Public Service Medal from the Mineralogical Society of America. The mineral huizingite-(Al) was named for her and her husband, Terry.





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