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2011 Gold Ink Silver Award Winner

The Gold Ink Award is a prestigious printing competition in which companies are able to enter their publications for recognition and awards. With nearly 50 categories, pieces from all types of print products can be entered for a chance to win. Categories include Tabloids, Sunday Magazines, Specialty Magazines, and other various avenues of printing. Each entry is judged by a panel of distinguished graphic arts professionals, whose criterion for judging is wide-ranging and thorough. Features of the judging process include difficulty of job, number of colors used, paper choice and use, binding and finishing techniques, and much more. An important aspect of the judges’ review process is how design influences production quality. Although it is not a design competition, the judges include design qualities when critiquing each piece.

Gold Ink Awards are presented to printers and publications that demonstrate exceptional quality and execution of products. Winners of the Gold Ink Award are placed into the Gold, Silver, or Bronze categories; each receiving a plaque. Printing Impressions, a widely read publication for commercial printers, features the winning pieces in its magazine. Additionally, winners are featured on At the Gold Ink & Hall of Fame banquet in Chicago, IL, companies that earned the top awards are highlighted during a multimedia presentation, giving them exposure and even more recognition.

“This award really goes to the team that produces ‘Rocks & Minerals’ and all of their efforts that work behind the scenes to create such a beautiful magazine. Congratulations!” – Edward Cilurso, Taylor & Francis LLC - Vice President of Production

“Sheridan Press could not get an award like this if we didn’t have such a lovingly put-together publication to print.” – Andrew Gordon, Sheridan Press - Sales Representative





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